Meet The Founder

- Rachel McCormack -

I am a teacher of Irish and Business from Tipperary living and working in Dublin for four years. I have a keen interest in fashion and love to combine style and comfort. 

FIRST&DOWN was founded on the basis of feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I was diagnosed with anxiety in 2020 after suffering a severe panic attack while driving home from work one day. This was followed by two difficult years working to overcome the confines of anxiety. 

I strive every day to help others who are struggling and spread awareness for mental health. 

When It All Started…

The brand was born in August 2023 after I took a trip to Boston to celebrate overcoming anxiety. There, I was inspired by the American attitude of working hard for your dreams and not giving up.

I believe the best way to break through your fears is living outside your comfort zone and started FIRST&DOWN in 2023 to do just that and to inspire others along the way. 

A ‘first down’ is an American Football term for the score achieved by a team who have kept possession of the ball by advancing and not surrendering to the opposition. Getting a first down has become a crucial test of strength for players. FIRST&DOWN aims to inspire others to test their strength, feel the fear, and follow their dreams.